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Ao Xiang, Aug 31, 2022 at  11:18:10

In order to further enhance the ideological understanding of education, form ideological consensus and gather strength, following the requirements of Work Plan for Discussions on Educational Ideas in Xinxiang University, the School of International Education held an education thought meeting on the afternoon of Aug 30, where Vice President Song Wei participated in the whole meeting online and made a concluding speech. All the faculty and staff of the School attended the meeting which was chaired by Prof Zhou Yong, Dean of the School.

First of all, members of the School team made wonderful speeches based on the work of their own, and conducted lively discussions on problems existing as the Party construction, education and teaching, program operation and students management, where ideas were exchanged with a consensus reached.

Song Wei said in the concluding speech, first, we should think about how to strengthen the learning and exchanges of experience in joint education. Based on the School's experience, we should introduce us to the world and borrow international experience, and actively carry out learning and exchanges with the peer universities which have rich experience in the Sino-foreign joint education, and transform their successful practices into the experience that our School may borrow for the Sino-foreign joint education. Second, under the background of international education, we should think about how to work. Influenced by factors as international situation and the epidemic, the Sino-foreign joint education is also greatly impacted. Facing the situation, it is necessary for us to think deeply about how to expand the number of programs, improve its quality, expand the field of cooperation, and make use of high-quality educational resources abroad so as to do the existing programs better and improve the talents training quality. Third, we should think about how to optimize the program management based on students’ employment. The employment is the biggest (living) issue for college students. From the 1st year to the 4th year, we should do all what we can for the employment, and fully exert advantages as platform resources, languages and exchange opportunities provided by the Sino-foreign joint education, expand the employment scope, improve its quality and strengthen the students’ sense of acquisition and achievements under the program. Fourth, we should think about how to improve everyone's enthusiasm in start-up to promote the School’s development. The leadership team of the School is characterized of being united and rational in staff structure. It is necessary to combine the review and evaluation of undergraduate education and teaching in the School with the evaluation of Sino-foreign joint programs this year, innovate the system and mechanism to stimulate the vitality and motivation of all teachers and students, anchor the development goals, unify ideas, overcome difficulties and realize the leap-forward development of the School.

This meeting has played an important role in building consensus, improving ideas and innovating methods, which indicates director and clarify thought for the School to transform the meeting results into adhering to morality and cultivating people, fostering new talents, strengthening cultural self-confidence and telling Chinese stories. And it has made preparations in thought for the comprehensive promotion of the high-quality development of the Sino-foreign joint education and the passing the program review and evaluation by the Ministry of Education.

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