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On the morning of Sep 13, Guo Bing, Secretary of the General Party Branch of the School of International Education, Yan Chicheng, Deputy Secretary of the same and all instructors visited returning student at dorms. During the visit, leaders of the School were very concerned about the life and learning of the students, and carefully inspected the safety and hygiene conditions of each dorm as well as hardware facilities on the dorm floors. In addition, the leaders communicated cordially with the students, inquiring their majors, after-school life, hobbies, career planning and more, and actively listening to what they need and want.

Mr. Guo Bing emphasized that a dorm is a place important for students to live and learn. It is necessary to strengthen the safety and hygiene management in dorms, especially they are required to abide by the School's rules of epidemic prevention, be ready for epidemic prevention and control, and create a dorm warm and comfortable. Mr. Yan Chicheng encouraged the students to be integrated into the campus culture and life, do exercises in their spare time, participate in cultural and sports activities, and strive to be college students with all-round development in morality, intelligence, physique, aesthetics and work in the new era.

The visit to dorms has fully reflected the School's care and concern for students who have expressed they would strictly abide by the regulations on epidemic prevention and control, and adjust mentality in time and devote themselves to the study and life with full enthusiasm and energy.

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