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In order to enable the 2021 freshmen to further understand the majors they are studying and establish a solid major consciousness, master correct methods to learn and confirm the development direction in the future, on the evening of Oct 26, our School held a major education meeting, an important point for entrance, in classroom A14-614. During the meeting, teachers as Xu Xin, Li Peng, Xu Xiaobo, Pan Pengtao, Niu Jiaojiao, and Liu Yana, Deputy Dean of the School of International Education made explanations to freshmen respectively.

First of all, Liu Yana expressed the warmest welcome to the 2021 freshmen on behalf of the School of International Education, who introduced the talents training programs between Xinxiang University and US Bay Patch University cooperating for undergraduate education on Biotechnology, and raises hopes to them.

After introducing employment and postgraduate entrance exam of students of Biotechnology, teacher Xu Xin made students truly feel the advantages of studying the major through typical cases,, which further strengthened the students’ confidence to study in Xinxiang University.

Considering that the students need to complete 15 courses required by the foreign side during four years, teacher Pan Pengtao pointed out that emphasized the importance of learning English, who gave real cases enable them to understand the significance to well learn English and major courses. Teach Xu Xiaobo emphasized that the students must cherish the four years of study here and making good use of the fragmented time. Teacher Li Peng explained the knowledge of Biotechnology, vividly making students understand what they are learning. Based on individual experience, teacher Niu Jiaojiao emphasized that students must make preparations for various exams during the study, striving to get certificates that they should so as to make full preparation for the future employment or postgraduate entrance exam.

The atmosphere of major meeting was lively where, the students actively raised questions about foreign side curriculum learning, certificates and Biotechnology majors in universities at home, to which, the teachers answered in details.

The major meeting has enabled the 2021 freshmen of Biotechnology (co-organized) of our School to deeply understand what they are studying, answering their doubts about major cognition, broadening their horizons, improving their knowledge quality and setting goals to study.

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